Visit to GACI

Once again I have had the pleasure and privilege of attending GACI’s “Raduno” in Modena. This time my wife Angela, who is a keen activist in many fields of animal welfare, came with me.

We enjoyed wonderful weather and the usual great hospitality and enthusiasm of our Italian friends and colleagues. GACI continues to receive and re-home large numbers of our galgos and Irish greyhounds sponsored by GIN.

As always it was a great thrill for us to see about 200 lovely dogs, with their devoted owners, showing off their paces in the show ring but, more often than not, sleeping in the sun!

As well as meeting with our Italian friends, I was able to have useful conversations with our Spanish colleagues from Arca de Noe in Albacete and from ADANA in Badajoz, who were also attending the Raduno.

One of the highlights of occasions like this is for us to see the fruits of our labours and the amazing benefits brought to these much-abused dogs by the generosity of our supporters.

There is no doubt that GIN is held in high regard in Italy and I was much cheered by several owners who thanked me for GIN having enabled them to adopt such wonderful pets.

We must all be grateful to GACI for their huge and successful efforts to give so many abandoned galgos and greyhounds their forever homes.