March and April transportations

Over the last two months more lucky greyhounds and galgos have travelled to their new homes in Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia and the U.K.

Lola and Somali travelled from Galgos en Familia to be homed by Greyhounds Rescue Belgium.

Satina, Canela, Camaron, Serena, Elegida and India travelled to France to be homed by Natalie of Association Liaison LÚvriers.

Eighteen ex-racing greyhounds from the UK travelled to France to be homed by Catherine and Levriers en Detresse.

Twenty five greyhounds left Ireland for homes in Italy, thanks to Elisa, Chiara, Lily and all at GACI. Please watch this lovely video of their arrival:



Sole and her team at Arca de Noe, Albacete have been busy preparing thirty one galgos for homing in France, Italy and Slovenia. You can see the galgos arrival in Italy here.


Also in March our new group of eight galgos arrived, you can read more about them here.

Victor in Italy Marta in Italy
 Valentin in Italy Rambo in Italy 
 Tanta in Italy  Victor again, in Italy 
 Bety in France Borrasca, happily homed in France