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Galgo Emergency Fund 2003!


Since writing this appeal, we have received funds enabling us to take 55+ more galgos into care in Madrid and Barcelona and to fund the transport of 20 more galgos to homes with Greyhounds Rescue Belgium. Thanks to all who donated, especially to Levriers en Detresse, France who gave us 1600 euros. With more funds we could expand to take in more, as our home finders in Europe are doing such a wonderful job providing final outlets for these dogs which dictate how many we can rescue, prepare and move on from Spain.


Our charity, ‘Greyhounds in Need’ is currently supporting, with maintenance, veterinary and food costs, approximately 130 rescued galgos, greyhounds and lurchers at home and abroad, who will eventually go for adoption. This is a very heavy daily commitment for us and all our efforts are centred on raising the funds to meet these commitments. In the UK alone, we have 22 galgos in kennels and 30 more galgos will be arriving here in April. We are unable to take on any more dogs at the moment without more funds.

This the worst time of the year for the galgo in Spain when many thousands, many of them young, are abandoned: we estimate for example, 1000 in the city of Madrid alone. Every day, more heartrending messages, pleas, letters and mails reach me from volunteers in Spain begging us for immediate help before it is too late, to pull galgos off the streets, and out of the hideous ‘perreras’, the killing stations where hundreds of unwanted dogs are herded together in freezing conditions, often starved of water and food and subjected to fights, many with untreated wounds and illnesses and facing a slow agonizing death. It is heartbreaking for those in Spain who see them, unable to help, and they look to us in desperation, as donations from the Spanish public for animals are negligible.

Can you help?

It costs approximately £175 or 250 euros/dollars, and about 6-8 weeks to process one dog from start to finish, with boarding, vaccination, worming, blood testing and sterilisation before exportation and adoption. Less money would contribute to food for a month pending their vet treatment later. We are asking volunteers in Spain to find good, clean, caring kennels, like boarding or breeding kennels where there is space, trained staff and a veterinarian at hand to care for these dogs.

We would endeavour to get photos and names to you of the dogs you would be supporting and eventual news of where they are, in time, adopted later, for example, Belgium Germany, France Holland etc.

If you would like to help, please send your donations to Greyhounds in Need, specifying in a covering note that it is for the ‘galgo emergency fund.’ Internet users can ‘donate on line’ from our website.

Thanks you so much!

Anne Finch

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Concerning the mistreatment of galgos, hunting dogs and pets in Spain. To voice your opinions to the relevant authorities in Spain who could effect change, please write politely to the following persons. You could use the following model letter, or create your own.

Spanish protest letters to send to the two Ministers concerned. Copy and paste the text from these letters and paste them into your word processor.

Spanish protest letter to send to the two Ministers concerned. Copy and paste the text from these letters and paste them into your word processor.

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