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June Competition Winners

We’ve chosen the winners of Ginny’s poster competition for June! First prize goes to Melissa Sanchez for her lovely galgo!

All the entries were from children who worked with Galgos del Sol. Well done to everyone that took part; your posters are awesome!

You can see all the entries here.

International Projects - 112carlotagalgos, Malaga

We were recently able to visit Charlotte and Dioni at 112carlottagalgos in Malaga. They had moved premises since our last visit so we were all excited to see their new finca.

It was larger than their previous finca but Charlotte and Dioni have worked hard to make it a lovely place for the galgos to live and be cared for until they are ready for adoption.

They have recently added a clinic building to their premises and having a vet on site certainly eases the burden on Charlotte as the regular visits to the vets with so many dogs took up a lot of her day. We were very impressed with the clinic and were able to meet Rosa, the vet. Charlotte had asked us for some help with the clinic and this made our visit very important so that we could see for ourselves what was needed. Leigh, one of our Trustees, himself a vet, was able to discuss the clinic and equipment with Rosa and Charlotte and we are pleased to say that we have funded the purchase of the following veterinary equipment to aid their work.

  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Anaesthetic Machine
  • Scales
  • Operating Lamp
  • Laryngoscope
  • Anaesthetic circuits and consumables
  • Surgical Tray
  • Suture materials
  • Anaesthetic Monitoring machine
  • Surgical equipment

This year we have given funding towards initial veterinary costs for 24 galgos they have rescued and you can see photos of the last 12 galgos helped here

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Greyhounds in Need Summer Raffle 2019 - Draw


We would like to thank all involved for once again supporting our summer raffle which, with tickets and linked donations, brought in around £4,000

Tracey and Geraldine, at HQ, week after week, meticulously logged all the responses, and Martin Chivers kindly drew the winning tickets —

  • 1st Prize - £1,000 – Ms Human from Essex
  • 2nd Prize – Short Break Holiday Voucher - Mr Ames from Essex
  • 3rd Prize - £100 - Mr Matthews from Berkshire

There were also runner up prizes to entries from Surrey, Cornwall, East Sussex and Isle of Man

A big THANK YOU from all of us at GIN to all of you who responded so generously to our raffle, making it a great success.

Can you offer me a Home? - Love, Brisa x


Greyhounds in Need Summer Raffle 2019 - Reminder


PLEASE DON’T FORGET to send back your raffle stubs before the draw on the 26th July, 2019.

These should be sent to us at Greyhounds in Need, 5A, 80 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9HE. 

Thank you.

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International Projects - RECAL, Almendralejo 

We have supported RECAL for a number of years now and some time ago funded some exercise paddocks to be built so that the dogs could have more room to run around. This has helped with socialising them and RECAL’s adoption programme. Mada, who runs RECAL, has also used this area for some of the school education visits. We have just been able to fund some new shaded areas/repairs to existing areas just in time for the summer months where the temperatures can rise to 40º !

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April to May Transportations

More lucky galgos from Spain, and greyhounds from Ireland, have travelled to Italy to start their new lives.

We have again been able to fund veterinary and transports for the galgos who were rescued by Arca de Noe in Albacete and ADANA in Badajoz – you can see their arrival in Italy here. 

Bubble, originally from ADANA in Badajoz, now living in Italy

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Education Update

The education project is doing very well in Spain and the numbers of children being reached by several shelters is so encouraging. The activities on our site can be easily downloaded and printed off and the children are encouraged to take part in our drawing competitions. For more infomation, see Education

News and photos from some of the shelters using the GIN material……..

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Can you Offer us a Home?

Can you give us a home? - Nayma, Carbonero and Brisa

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Forthcoming Events

Dog Walks - Peter and Val in Hampshire organise monthly Dog Walks for sighthounds with voluntary collections in aid of GIN, every first Sunday in each month, at Upton Country Park, Poole, meeting at 10.45am and starting the walk at 11am The park has many different pathways and distances for sighthounds on leads ideal for new rescues, sociable and enjoyable.

Cleveleys Street Collections - We have booked two dates for our popular street collections in Cleveleys, a seaside town on the Fylde Coast situated between Blackpool and Fleetwood. We will be fundraising from 10am to 4pm on the main street in Cleveleys on Saturday 11th May and Saturday 31st August 2019. Let us hope that the weather will be warm, dry and sunny for both those dates.

Twyford Donkey Derby - GIN will again have a stall at the 1st Twyford Scouts Donkey Derby and Summer Fair at King George V Recreation Ground, Twyford, Berkshire on 2nd June. There will be dog agility demonstrations, funfair, lots of attractions including a beer tent, tea tent and BBQ. For more details please contact us on 01784 483206.

Englefield Green Fair - GIN will again have a stall at this popular fair which is held on the village green in Englefield Green on 22nd June. . The Fair opens at 2pm and there will be many stalls and attractions for all the family.

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January to March Transportations

During the first three months of this year around 87 greyhounds and galgos have travelled to France, Italy and Slovenia to start their new lives.
The Arca de Noe shelter in Albacete have been busy preparing the galgos for homes. Nina from SASIN in Slovenia travelled to Albacete to collect Altair, Becker, Chopera, Dama, Dea, Cortes, Estrella, Luna, Mark, Rocco, Zamorana, Adara, Coyote, Phoebe, Pintas, Pollux, Risto, Solitaria, Sunshine, Vicky and Viento. 

Nina's galga Grace Nina meeting a galgo at Arca de Noe Risto has a new friend in Slovenia

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Spring/Summer 2019 Newsletter


In pdf format:
In youblisher format:

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Spring/Summer 2019 Merchandise

Please visit our on-line shop at and you will find plenty of "greyt" gift ideas for you and your four legged friends.

New products have recently been added.

We also have a merchandise catalogue showing a large selection of our current products.

Every merchandise purchase generates additional and much needed funds for our work in rescuing greyhounds and galgos

The Galgo situation in Spain

Over the twenty+ years that GIN has been helping the galgos of Spain there have been changes. It is very hard to say accurately how many galgos are abandoned each year, figures quoted vary from ~50,000 to ~100,000, but what we all know is the figures are in the thousands not hundreds !

When we first offered help to shelters in Spain it was to cover veterinary costs. We discovered that the galgos were not automatically tested for the Mediterranean diseases endemic in Spain – Leishmaniasis, Babesiosis, Heartworm and Ehrlichiosis, nor were they sterilised. This was mostly due to lack of funds and we worked tirelessly, and still do, to raise funds to cover these costs as we could not move or home the dogs without being as sure as we could, that they were healthy and able to cope with the long transports ahead of them.

The cruel abandonment of the galgos continues and often when we are asked for help and we see photos of horrific injuries and very traumatised thin dogs, like Roma, it is hard to believe that they will ever recover and be able to be homed. Often when they are rescued and have broken limbs or open wounds they rarely attack their rescuers even though they must be in a lot of pain. They appear to have a lot of strength and seem able to survive so much and yet still have it in their big hearts to trust us humans again.

Roma before  Roma after 


Vet’s Corner - What Makes Greyhounds Unique?- A Vet Perspective


Greyhounds are one of a kind. Their sweet-nature, adaptability and laid-back attitude makes them suitable for all kinds of families and situations. Not only are they unique dogs in terms of temperament, they also come with a number of anatomical and physiological differences.

Red blood cells


Greyhounds in Need Summer Raffle 2019

We are again having a Summer Raffle. The draw will be on 26th July. If you would like tickets please call us on 01784 483206, or email - and we will put them in the post.


GalGo! Puzzle Fun

Our education programme is doing well in Spain and there are many activities on our site in English and Spanish that can easily be downloaded. These are proving very popular. Perhaps your children or grandchildren would like to take part in our Summer Competition and win one of our new #teamgalgo water bottles.

Please print off the competition sheet here



Thank you to everyone who did their shopping via the Easyfundraising site last year helping to raise funds towards our work for the greyhounds and galgos

This is a great way to raise money for charities, schools, sports clubs, community groups, and other good causes just by shopping online. You don’t pay anything extra and over 2,700 retailers can be found on the site.

We would also like to thank our supporters for kindly continuing to recycle their old ink cartridges, don't forget to contact us if you need more envelopes to post these off - free p&p


Offers of help, specially accomplished fundraising events would be very welcomed! Street collections, (you need permission from your local council), coffee mornings, car boots, dog food collections at your local supermarket, these all help. If you are able to help and would like one of our fundraising packs please phone us on 01784 483206 or email us at

December’s competition winners!

We’re delighted to announce the winners of our December poster competition.

In first place is Noelia Cano Gonzalez with her beautiful pencil drawn galgo. In second place is Lorena Gonzalez Vicente with her colourful poster encouraging people to adopt a greyhound, and in third place is Daniel Ferrer Martinez whose poster appeals for help to help the galgos.

All the posters we receive are fantastic, and it is very hard to choose our winners! If you’d like to take part the February competition is now open for entries

You can check out all the entries in the competition gallery.

Our Galgos

Our last group of galgos have settled well in the kennels and over recent weeks their characters have begun to show through. We are fortunate that Sue, Christine and Catherine, GIN volunteers, have been regularly walking the galgos, along with the kennel staff, and have been able to help us give more accurate information about them. Wilma has been adopted, Lluvia will be going to her new home this week. Here you can see them enjoying (?) the snow in the paddock at the kennels. If you are interested in adopting a galgo please contact us. More photos and details can be found here

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