Dogs for Sponsorship for Greyhounds in Need

The sponsorship scheme has been hugely successful and has helped this charity to continue to bring a few galgos into this country for adoption. When our UK supporters (who bring in the charity’s major funding) meet these lovely dogs and learn of their history, it stimulates interest and support for these poor Spanish bred greyhounds and enables us to expand our rescue and adoption work for them abroad which has always been on a very much larger scale than we can do here in the UK. The major part of GIN’s funds go to financing the rescue, rehabilitation and transport of Spanish galgos and greyhounds to safety and to homes with associations and sympathisers in Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and other countries of northern and central Europe. The UK sponsorship scheme is one of the catalysts that help raise the funds for this work.

Galgos for Sponsorship:



Click to enlarge Carbonero's Gallery

Carbonero is a strikingly handsome male galgo. He’s about 4 years old and with his white, tan and black coat stands out from the crowd. At the moment life experience has left him feeling very nervous of people and unsure of the new sights and sounds around him. He has started to show more confidence with those that he’s sees regularly but will need someone who, preferably, has experience of the breed type and has the knowledge, time and patience to gain his trust so that he can enjoy his new life to the full. 

Click to enlarge Wilma's Gallery
Wilma ADOPTED is a smaller female galga, mostly black with little splashes of white on her face and toes. She has a very bright and friendly personality, wagging her tail as soon as you approach her and eagerly accepting treats or cuddles. She walks well on a lead and seems confident around other dogs. Although we estimate her age at 8 or 9 years old, she is full of life and ready to swap her previous life on the streets for a comfy sofa. ADOPTED
Click to enlarge Lagartijo's Gallery
Lagartijo ADOPTED is a lovely tiger striped brindle boy, approximately 5 years old. He is a quiet, gentle character a little shy at first but happy to see you. He enjoys cuddles and his eyes close as he relaxes. He seems quite confident around his canine friends and walks quietly on the lead. All he needs now is his own comfy bed in a forever home. ADOPTED
Click to enlarge Brisa's Gallery
Brisa ADOPTED is a very pretty light brindle and white female galga, approximately 4 years old. She’s keen to greet you and is always eager to go for a walk. She’s confident with other dogs and very interested in what’s going on around her. She walks well on a lead if sometimes a little bouncy in her enthusiasm. She’s just ready to start her new life. ADOPTED
Click to enlarge Lluvia's Gallery
Lluvia, ADOPTED a dainty female galga, approximately 5 years old, light brindle in colour with gorgeous amber eyes. She is a timid girl who at the moment feels more comfortable with canine friends than she does with people. Although she walks quite well on a lead she could be startled by sudden noises and new things. Her confidence and trust will grow with some time and patience allowing her character to blossom. ADOPTED


Click to enlarge Nayma's Gallery

Nayma is a beautiful looking young female galga approximately 3 years old. She’s fawn in colour with a white chest, paws and just the tip of her tail. She takes a few minutes to check you out with her dark brown eyes but then is happy to meet you. She’s very keen to go for her walks and as a young dog has plenty of energy. She takes lots of notice of things around her and wants to explore. Confident with her fellow galgos, she’s a little unsure around noisy other breeds.

Click to enlarge Nicolas's Gallery

Nicolas ADOPTED is a handsome dark brindle boy. He has some white hair on his face and around his eyes giving him a ‘distinguished look’ whilst only being approximately 5 years old. He’s missing part of a toe on a back paw but it’s an old injury and doesn’t bother him at all. He’s a great character, walks well on a lead, is very comfortable around people and other dogs and quietly absorbs all that is going on around him. He loves a treat but would like nothing better than to swap his kennel for a place on your lap! ADOPTED


If you would like to sponsor our galgos, please contact Carolyn or Tracey on 01784 483206 or email or complete the sponsor form here (html) or here (pdf).

If you would like to offer a home to one of our galgos please contact us by email – or by phone on 01784 483206