Napoleon happily homed in Spain

News from RECAL, Almendralejo


We have worked with Mada and RECAL for many years now and fund the veterinary costs for the galgos they receive/rescue. Many of these galgos come to the UK for homing and our latest group can be seen here.


We have also been able to fund other projects for RECAL, one was the building of an exercise paddock in 2012. This project was a joint venture with the German groupó Korbchen Gesucht. This exercise paddock has helped Mada and her team with their work. They help all breeds and homing has increased locally since the paddock was built as the dogs can have regular exercise and visits to the shelter by potential adopters are much easier now. Homing of galgos in Almendralejo is slow but recently Mada was pleased to report that Napoleon had been adopted by a local family.


We recently funded the purchase of 20 dog beds for RECAL, following our appeal. Mada was able to purchase these locally and each bed came with a nice padded cushion!


Mada has asked us to pass on her very grateful thanks to all of our supporters who kindly donated to our appeal.Mada asked us recently for some help in painting the exercise paddock and the clinic at the shelter. We were happy to fund this work and as you can see from the photos the colourful fences and painted walls make RECAL a more pleasant place to visit and increases the help and support, as well as the adoptions that RECAL deal with.


The colourful photographs and videos Mada now sends us certainly helps with the homing. 


Latino is a lovely black male galgo, approx. 5 years old. Very friendly with people. Can be a bit dominant with other male dogs.
Anunziatta is a lovely light brindle female galga, approx. 5 years old. She came from the streets of Almendralejo. She is friendly with people and other dogs.


The exercise paddock has been very much used for the many school visits Mada organises to the shelter. The children love the bright colours and pictures on the walls. They can see and socialise with the dogs in the paddock area. Our education resource has been well received in the area and many schools are now using this and the feedback we receive is good. We are now ordering more copies of the resource as the demand is high. 




Mada with the driver just before setting off for Vic


Latest arrivals at Vic, from RECAL, can be seen here