June to September Transportations

The shelters and adoption groups have been busy over the last four months preparing the galgos for homes and organising transports.

Regaliz, Sevillana, Tormenta, Lidia, Flecha and Tecla, all originally from the RECAL shelter in Almendralejo, travelled to France in June, thanks to Catherine of Levriers en Detresse (LED). Catherine and Sophie are working hard homing them. 

Four ex-racing greyhounds from the UK - Wayne, Maggie, Ollie and Sandy travelled to France in July to be homed by Catherine and her team at LED.

In September twenty galgos travelled from Arca de Noe and ADANA to GACI in Italy to homes. You can see their arrival in Modena here: 

Also in September, GACI took 26 greyhounds from Ireland for homing in Italy. You can see their arrival in Modena here:

Nina and her team from SASIN collected Eli, Elsa, Estella, Guanda and Victoria from Arca de Noe, Albacete, for homing in Slovenia. Leigh could the picture of Victoria go next to this text please.


More transports are being arranged now for the coming months.

A very big THANK YOU to everyone involved.