March to May transportations

The last three months have been busy with many greyhounds and galgos being transported to homes.

Campi, Sortija, Harper, Megan and Cleyton travelled from Vic to France with Therese and will be homed by her group Association Aide aux Levriers Martyrs.

More galgos left Arca de Noe, Albacete for homes in Italy, please watch their arrival here:

Forty eight greyhounds from Ireland also travelled to Italy and you can see their arrival here: 

Ten galgos left Arca de Noe, Albacete for homes in France thanks to CREL.
We continue to send several boxes of coats, blankets, treats to the shelters in Spain thanks to our generous supporters who continue to send these donations to us.

We have also been able to fund the initial veterinary costs for twelve more galgos for Charlotte at 112carlottagalgos in Malaga, you can see the dogs here and Vera of Galgos en Familia - you can see the dogs here

GIN has also been able to fund some additional veterinary costs for galgos needing some specialist care. 

Mada of RECAL asked if we could help with the costs for Pechut who had a broken hip, Brilliantina who had a very bad wound on his neck, Marea who had broken wrists and Jerte who was found in a very bad condition and needed additional care at the vets in Almendralejo. These galgos will be homed in France and Germany.

Pechut recovering from his hip operation Marea, fully recovered from her broken wrists and now homed in France

In the last three months, 16 greyhounds have travelled from the UK to homes in France, thanks to Catherine Madry and her group, Levriers en Detresse.

As the galgos and greyhounds leave the shelters and kennels more are already on their way. The shelters and adoption groups are busy now taking care of the dogs and finding homes for them and transports are already being arranged for these dogs.

A very big THANK YOU to everyone involved.


Pep meets two of our new galgos Our new galgos arrive at Vic
New arrivals at APAPA, Ayamonte
Claudette with more new arrivals at APAPA, Ayamonte