January to March Transportations

During the first three months of this year around 87 greyhounds and galgos have travelled to France, Italy and Slovenia to start their new lives.
The Arca de Noe shelter in Albacete have been busy preparing the galgos for homes. Nina from SASIN in Slovenia travelled to Albacete to collect Altair, Becker, Chopera, Dama, Dea, Cortes, Estrella, Luna, Mark, Rocco, Zamorana, Adara, Coyote, Phoebe, Pintas, Pollux, Risto, Solitaria, Sunshine, Vicky and Viento. 

Nina's galga Grace Nina meeting a galgo at Arca de Noe Risto has a new friend in Slovenia

Arca de Noe have also been busy preparing galgos for homing in Italy, by GACI (Greyhound Adopt Centre Italy). You can see their arrival here.

Elisa and her team at GACI have also received two transports of greyhounds from Ireland for homing. 

Please watch the videos of their arrival in Modena –

We have also been able to fund the initial veterinary costs for twelve galgos for Charlotte at 112carlottagalgos in Malaga, and twelve galgos for Vera and Galgos en Familia

We have also been able to fund 36 galgos for Tina and Galgos del Sol Murcia.

In March, Therese and her husband collected ten galgos from Pep’s kennels in Barcelona for homing in France by their group, Associacion Levriers Martyrs.

Eva and Jorge from Badajoz collected nine galgos from Caceres and took them to Claudette and her team at APAPA, Ayamonte. One galgo gave birth soon after arrival. Claudette reports that Mum and pups are doing well. 

New Arrivals at APAPA

You can see the video of the transport here:

In 2000, Catherine Madry telephoned GIN asking if she could help in any way with the greyhounds and galgos. She set up her own charity, Levriers en Detresse, and her work for these needy dogs began.

Catherine has been able to take many galgos over the years and has encouraged other groups in France to help. She also helps ex-racing greyhounds from England and we receive some lovely photos of them enjoying their new lives.

Catherine has also kindly transported the galgos we bring to the UK for homing and visited us last year to discuss our work and the situation regarding the greyhounds in Macau as the track was closing down.

There has been a lot of publicity about the Canidrome in Macau and what would happen to the greyhounds that were kept and raced there. Many individuals and groups got involved and many petitions were set up as well as appeals for help for these dogs.

The main groups involved in this rescue were ANIMA in Macau, Pet Levrieri, and Grey2kUSA. Catherine visited Macau twice to find out more about the situation and in February this year was able to receive fourteen ex-racing greyhounds. 

Lucky Fortune Catherine and Imagination One

We were able to offer funding to Levriers en Detresse towards their costs helping these dogs who will all be homed in France.

Catherine reports that the dogs have settled well at the Lévriers Garden and once ready they will be going to new homes.

In March Catherine received four ex-racing greyhounds from the UK – Misty, Ginger, Barnie and Nora.

Thank you very much to everyone involved for all your help with the above.