November to December Transportations

We are very grateful to Sole and her team at Arca de Noe, Eva and her team at ADANA, Elisa, Lily, Chiara and Sabrina of GACI, Italy, Nina of SASIN, Slovenia and Jerome of CREL, France, for managing to squeeze in more transports of greyhounds and galgos before the end of the year.

Happily homed galgos enjoying their first Christmas in Slovenia.

Please see the galgos arrival in Italy here:

and the greyhounds arrival here: 

We have again been able to fund veterinary costs and some transport costs for the above and without the good co-operation we have with the shelters in Spain and the adoption groups in mainland Europe, and the tremendous support we receive from our supporters we would not be able to do this work, so a very big THANK YOU to everyone.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year.