A big THANK YOU to all our supporters from the galgos and shelters in Spain

Over the last month we have parcelled up and posted 15 x 30kg boxes full of kindly donated coats, blankets, medicines and Christmas treats for the shelters in Spain – APA in Tobarra, RECAL in Almendralejo, Arca de Noe in Albacete, 112carlotagalgos in Malaga, Galgos en Familia in Malaga, APAPA in Ayamonte, SOS Galgos in Barcelona. These are always needed and very much appreciated as you can see from the comments and photos below. THANK YOU all so much for continuing to send these to us throughout the year and making it possible for lots of galgos to receive some Christmas treats this year.

“……………………..thank you so much for your parcel of donations which arrived today. It was funny because one of the galgos found the parcel later and stole a box of the treats and gobbled them up!!! I just had to take a photo which I’m attaching for your amusement. Thank you also for all the coats and blankets and leads and collars and the diaries are so sweet too. It truly felt like Xmas today! “ 

Anna, SOS Galgos, Barcelona

A galgo at SOS Galgos managed to sneak some treats from the big box


……. Thank you so much this is wonderful.” 

Tina, Galgos del Sol.

“Hi Carolyn and all the GIN team. Thanks very much for your continue support as it makes a big difference in the lives of many galgos every year by helping us in the educaction program. Let’s hope 2020 is a wonderful year for all of you at GIN. Please find attached a beautiful pic taken inside the education room that for me personally and I’m sure for Tina is one of the jewels from the centre our and yours education room” 

“………..Alba has been into so much that she deserves the most beautiful coat in the world and here it is - thank you so much for your donations. Thank you Janet and GIN”. 

Sam, Galgos del Sol

Alba at Galgos del Sol modelling her new coat

“ ..Wow!! Thank you GIN UK”

Gill, Galgos en Familia

“….First of all thank you for the wonderful box of goodies that arrived yesterday. As I got back from sc the delivery man was just turning into our village. I've just opened it and everything is so useful. Thank you so much!!!!!”

Margaret, APA

“…Thank you for the great 2 boxes of donations. I can΄t remember if I already informed you about the recieval but we are very grateful and all is so needed.”

Claudette APAPA

“…The packages are here. In time!!! Thanks so much.” ..


“..Thank you Greyhounds In Need for this amazing box of goodies for the Galgos. Blankets and sweeties. And more. Thank you very much”. ….

Charlotte, 112carlottagalgos

“…….We have received the coats and treats. Thank you so much, they are so wonderful! Last friday I had a call from the clinic saying: Sole, we have received this box from greyhound in need, do you mind if we take this part for Eloise? JJJ Eloise is a wonderful galga who arrived with a bad fracture and is in our clinic after surgery. All the people who works in the clinic loves her very much because she is an angel, really adorable, sweet and kind…She is so elegant with her new coat!!! Sorry the pictures are not too good… Millions of kisses “

Sole, Arca de Noe

“……………Thank you so much for the box of many things we have received!!! A great Christmas present for the dogs! I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020 and want to thank you for all your help and support during all those years. Love! “

Vera and GEF team