Visit to SOS Galgos Barcelona, February 2020

One windy day in February, two of GIN's Trustees, Leigh, who is the Charity vet and Christine, set off to visit SOS Galgos Barcelona, a charity which is run by Anna and her team.

Anna and a pretty, (soon to be rehomed) galga met Leigh and Christine at Barcelona Airport and took them to the office and clinic where Alberto, SOS Galgos' vet, carries out any operations or treatment necessary for the galgos. This allowed everyone to talk about the Charity's work and future projects and also for Leigh and Alberto to have a "vets' chat".

Leigh and Christine also met galga, Bonny, who is currently being fostered until her adoption by Diana in mid-March. They had the opportunity to have a walk with Bonny to see how well she is becoming accustomed to people and a loving environment and it was lovely to see so many more Spanish people enjoying a walk in the sunshine together with their dogs.

Next day, Leigh and Christine visited the kennels in the Barcelona area where SOS Galgos has galgos ahead of rehoming. The galgos rehomed by the Charity are usually found abandoned in the Seville area and rescued by volunteers or members of the public who take them to kennels, who help SOS Galgos, where they are given initial care and treatment. Once the galgos have recovered and are ready for fostering or rehoming, eight at a time are brought up to the kennels in the Barcelona area. Every month GIN sponsors the eight galgos' kennelling in Barcelona and the transport from Seville to Barcelona, which enables SOS Galgos to rescue even more galgos. The galgos in kennels were AILA, her sister ELLEN, BEN, LORI and PEPON. TEDDY and BEAR just wanted to stay in their igloo together.

GIN also provides valuable resources for the Charity's education workshops to promote animal awareness among children.

On Saturday evening, SOS Galgos had arranged a "Solidarity Dinner" at a vegan restaurant, La Riera. The restaurant owners kindly gave the location to SOS Galgos for the evening. Over 70 Charity volunteers, supporters and adopters raised funds by buying tickets to attend and merchandise. Two musical duos donated their time to entertain the guests with their lovely songs, including one composed by one of the singers, Karelis. The song was written from a galgo's point of view and inspired by Karelis' love for her galgo.
It was a wonderful evening and in her votes of thanks, Anna acknowledged GIN's "incredible support".

On Sunday, after a very interesting and informative visit, it was time to return to the UK. After many hours' delay at Barcelona Airport, Storm Ciara finally blew Leigh and Christine back to the UK. They felt the delay was worth it to help and support the gorgeous galgos and see the work SOS Galgos BCN does!!

Over the last month we have parcelled up and posted 15 x 30kg boxes full of kindly donated coats, blankets, medicines and Christmas treats for the shelters in Spain APA in Tobarra, RECAL in Almendralejo, Arca de Noe in Albacete, 112carlotagalgos in Malaga, Galgos en Familia in Malaga, APAPA in Ayamonte, SOS Galgos in Barcelona. These are always needed and very much appreciated as you can see from the comments and photos below. THANK YOU all so much for continuing to send these to us throughout the year and making it possible for lots of galgos to receive some Christmas treats this year.

Christine Goodwin, GIN Trustee