Can you offer a home to a Galgo?

Galgos (breed name galgo español) are Spanish bred greyhounds used widely by hunters in the rural areas of Spain, for coursing the hare with betting but the season is only 4 months after which time many are abandoned or brutally killed.

Some have not been handled kindly, have suffered victimisation in overcrowded shelters in Spain, making them wary of other dogs, and some need gentle socialisation and a lot of reassurance that they are never going to be hungry or hurt again. They were rescued in the first place by volunteers who themselves often suffer the hostility of their own countrymen for showing such concern and care.   As the galgos are often abandoned in the countryside of Spain we know little of their background. 

The galgos are largely beyond the reach of other UK rescue groups who already have their hands full. We home most of our rescues in mainland Europe but a small percentage we bring to the UK to help share the load. All our dogs are wormed, vaccinated and sterilised/castrated and microchipped before adoption.

Galgos are sighthounds and have been taught to hunt the hare.  Some galgos take time to lose that instinct and care must be taken when introducing them to cats and small animals.  We always recommend that a muzzle be used in the early days as you start to introduce your new dog to other animals.  We have successfully homed many galgos to families with cats and even some with house rabbits!


Galgos tend to be smaller than the English and Irish greyhounds.  They are mostly smooth coated, leaner than the racing greyhounds and have a very long tail.  They are quiet, gentle dogs, often described as couch potatoes  and contrary to popular belief they do not need a lot of exercise, they like their walks and very much like a routine but I think most owners would agree that what they like the best is a nice warm soft bed.


They are particularly sensitive to the cold and wet weather as they do not have a lot of fat on their bodies.  In cold weather a waterproof coat is recommended and in the autumn/winter months they may need an indoor coat at night if you turn your heating off.


We are always surprised at how quickly the majority of galgos settle into their new life, people often ask if they understand English but “dinner” and ”walkies” seem to be the same in any language.  So often our adopters come back to us totally amazed at how well their new dog has adapted to his/her new home and many soon come back to adopt another!


Sometimes the galgos can be quite timid and need a special home where the adopter has the time to help them accept that they are safe and loved.  It is so rewarding to bring a timid dog round and see them start to enjoy their life again. 


Adopting any dog is a big commitment and time must be taken to read up on the breed to decide if it is the right dog for you.  We are always happy to answer any questions potential adopters may have so please call us if you would like to know more and/or visit our website to read more about greyhounds and galgos as pets.   




Galgos make wonderful pets and the majority settle very well in their new homes, we receive lovely photographs and feedback from our adopters, please visit;             

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