Amber, Tinkerbell, Annie and Amy, all rescues
 around the fire in the Gamester’s
, house in Egham.

The Meaning of Giving

In the Tibetan essay "On Love" the writer describes the lover making great declarations toward the beloved.

"Strange that I feel none the better for it," the woman says.

In all our work, whether it is caring for each other or for those creatures unable to care for themselves, the effectiveness and validity of our contributions and efforts should be judged on the benefit and wellbeing felt by the recipients. Whether our protégées are a dog or a child, they know only that the bed they lie on is soft, clean and dry, that the food is plentiful and good, that the medical care is gentle and skilled, that the transportation is comfortable and stress free, that a caressing hand is beside them for that much craved reassurance and love, and that finally they can develop their individuality and personality as a member of a family or as a loyal companion.

With the five freedoms in mind; freedom from hunger, stress, disease, pain and restriction, we endeavour to bring as many hundreds of dogs as we can from anonymity and fear to a treasured place by a carer’s hearth.

In terms of the work of "Greyhounds in Need" and the charitable donations it received, those above principles are carried out to the best of our ability in our primary work in Spain, in the restoration of health and dignity of our rescued dogs, in their proper nourishment and veterinary care, in their safe transportation to adoptive families, and last but not least, in the promotional work and efforts of all of us to awaken the public everywhere inviting them to participate in helping us carry out this work. 

Anne Finch