Fundraising in aid of GIN

More help with fundraising means more dogs can be saved!

Offers of help, especially accomplished fundraising events would be very welcomed! Street collections, (you need permission from your local council), coffee mornings, car boots, dog food collections at your local supermarket, these all help. If you are able to help and would like one of our fundraising packs please phone us on 01784 483206 or email us at

A Fundraising Pack (with literature displaying the Charity's logo and registration number) containing fundraising guidelines to assist you, can be obtained from Carolyn or Tracey at the Egham office (01784 483206). The pack consists of authorisation card, collecting box, leaflets, newsletters and headed blank posters, stickers, posters and assorted other promotional material of interest to the public.

Thank you for considering to give help.

Contact Carolyn or Tracey at HQ on 01784 483206. 
For Cheshire and North West events contact Carol Cushnie on 01925
470992 or Sue and Phil on 0161 6206094.

We at GIN HQ take this opportunity of thanking all those supporters who have valiantly dedicated time, effort, talent and personal funds to donating goods like dog coats, blankets, duvets, antiparasitics, gifts for resale and other items and resources and for carrying out fundraising projects for GIN.

Fundraising and donations

All funds raised at events and sales etc are remitted to GIN’s central account and the Trustees who are at the helm of the Charity and have the best overview of its entire work and commitments, have the final decision on how money is used. However, we welcome and will gladly consider any special requests for your donations or raised funds.

We issue written guidelines to assist fundraisers which we hope answer any queries, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Strange as it may seem, banks only rarely notify us of the arrival of donations sent straight to the account and often we get very little detail of its source, so please contact us if you have donated in this way so we can look out for it and thank you properly as we like to do.