We are always looking for volunteers to man our stalls and events up and down the country. This is not trivial! Often means being on one’s feet for 9 hours plus hours of travelling to and from.

GIN is being offered an ever increasing number of opportunities for running stalls and participating in events but the actual work of it usually falls on our same old faithfuls who loyally stumble out of their pits at some unearthly hour on a Saturday or Sunday morning, load their cars to the gunnels and return knackered to face their own household chores at the end of their precious weekend off work!

We do enjoy it; we bring our dogs; we have a laugh; and it is essential for the ongoing rescue work of GIN, but if this task could be shared, it would be a little easier for us and if there is an event taking place, near you, why not contact us and give us a hand!

Please let us know on 01784 483206